Updating Your Avada Theme with These Simple Steps

I love Avada.

I use the Avada theme for my personal website, brands, and course development platforms. Avada is also my primary theme of choice for clients.

If you are reading this tutorial, then you are also a fan! If, you are unsure of what the Avada theme is, well here is a little summary infographic below.

Avada is developed by Theme-Fusion, the #1 WordPress theme for the past 6 years, the Swiss army knife of themes.  

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Avada the #1 WordPress Theme
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So, let’s get back into the ease of updating Avada.

Updating Avada may be intimidating to some, but I guarantee, it’s a breeze.  

These steps will also save you money and time with your developers, and freelancers, as well as put you in control of your website needs.

My goal has always been, to teach my clients, and students to be in control of their brand, offerings, and technology within their company. As entrepreneurs it’s more than just saving a few dollars, it’s about learning new skills as you thrive online.

Before you start updating your Avada theme, which needs frequent updates, please follow these steps in order.  There are several things we need to do to make sure your site is safe, and secure while updating the theme and plugins associated with Avada.

Updating Your Avada Theme with These Simple Steps

The Pre-Update Steps:

Before you jump right in, there are a few cautionary steps to take while updating your theme, and plugins.

Important steps to take that will ensure safety and ease with the latest updates and theme compatibility.

Pre-Step 1: Under Construction

Before you start to do anything on your website, put it under construction.

This is a safe way to work on your site on the back end, and work your magic.

If anything troublesome arises, or conflicts with your theme update, then it’s behind the scene vs. live to your audience.

I also put my site under construction every time I update plugins, make changes, and create new blog posts or pages.

There are several free ‘Under Construction’ plugins to choose from, for my sites I use:

Under Construction by Web Factory  * Example Below

Check It Out!

You most likely already have one installed, so make sure you make it live before you start your updates or revisions on your site. The ‘Under Construction’ plugin I use is available through the WordPress plugin offerings, so search for it within your plugins dashboard. 

Pre-Step 2: Back it up!

Backup your site! My sites are set to back up frequently, I have this setup through my cPanel, and something I strongly suggest you do as well.

Before you start your Avada theme update, please do a full-site and database backup, just in case any problems should arise.

When you backup your site, you can easily revert back to previous working versions while you test the instability.

Many times issues arise with 3rd party plugins that aren’t compatible with Avada. For example, using plugins for your membership platforms, eCommerce, or affiliate networking. Whatever the plugin may be, it could, not always, but may cause issues.

So be safe and back it up! You can do this through your hosting plan, as well as WordPress plugins like these:

Backup Buddy CLICK HERE

Updraftplus CLICK HERE

Pre-Step 3: Check Server Limits

Make sure your server limits are at the required minimums.

It’s important to check to see if your host/server has the minimum requirements to run WordPress, and that you are running the latest version of WordPress. Each host is different. So please check your server limits before updating the Avada theme. 


WARNING: Updating from Older Versions

Updating Your Avada Theme with These Simple Steps 3

This part is a bit tricky. And can be troublesome. I’m just being honest. One of my clients this year had Avada 3.2 installed, and needed to be updated to the current Avada 5.7.2.

It was problematic because the WordPress application was also three years old. So please, if you are not doing a quick update from month to month, take the time to research the steps needed in updating from older versions from 3.9 and older. This will most likely require additional help from the Avada support staff or a developer.


Time To Update the Theme!

Hopefully you have gone through the pre-update steps of backing up your site, and database, checking your server limits, and read my warning around updating from older versions.

If those above steps are done, please move on to the theme update!

Step 1: Updating Avada Theme & Avada Plugins

Avada update steps 1

From your WordPress dashboard, you will see an update notice. A notice next to the Avada tab, as well as the plugins tab. Please click the Avada tab now.

*REMEMBER* Put Your Site Under Construction.

Step 2: Locating The Avada Theme

From the left sidebar, click the ‘Appearance’ tab. From the themes, click on ‘Avada’. Here you will see that your theme needs an update.

From this location you can update to the latest version by clicking ‘update now’.

After the update is completed it will state that you are updated to the current version!

Step 3: Updating Avada Plugins

There are specific Avada plugins that are associated with the theme, like the Fusion Core and Fusion Builder, as well as fusion patches that need to be updated. 

Now from the left side of the dashboard select the Avada tab. The Avada page will open up showing you that you need to update your plugins.  Click the button that reads ‘begin updating plugins’. You can also update Avada plugins via the plugins tab in the dashboard. 

Depending on what plugins you have with your Avada theme, the primary plugin updates will be for the Fusion Builder, and the Fusion Core. If you have the Revolution Slider or other plugins associated with Avada, update them as well.

Step 4: Updating Fusion Patch

Not all Avada updates require a fusion patch update. If you are updating from older versions you will. So with that said, you will see the notice on the Avada tab after updating your plugins.

Open the Avada tab, and then the ‘fusion patcher’ tab. From there update the patch, as well as all the patches that need to be updated. And boom! You have completed the theme updates. Check your site from the live side to see if your theme and website looks healthy and is running smoothly. Check to see that your sliders are working correctly, as well as all of your pages. 

Step 5: Remove ‘Under Construction’

Make sure that after the theme update is completed, and your site is looking good,  that you remove the ‘live’ under construction setting. Sometimes people forget to remove the under construction setting while making changes on their site! Remember, when the under construction mode is live, no one but you can see your site. So turn it off. I’d hate for you to lose customers or students for a simple theme update! Life gets busy, so follow these steps. 


So those are the pre-update and Avada theme update steps. Avada does update frequently, and this is a good thing! So please stay on top of the updates. Your theme is the caravan of your assets and offerings, and the team at Avada is contently updating to be compatible with WordPress and third party apps and plugins. So be on top of your updates, and make sure your site is running smooth, and healthy. Best of luck! 

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