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Scrub Ninjas® The first ever MCAT & High School AP Test Prep Video Game! Conquer your exam by playing an action-packed video game designed to make learning fun. Our content is tailor-made for the MCAT & AP Exams (A full range of high yield questions like the actual exam) based on the content guidelines from the AAMC.

Awaken the mind with the Scrub Ninjas® and arm yourself with epic surgical infused ninja weapons. This visually stimulating game will help you retain high yield content and increase your hand-eye coordination at the same time, so game on Ninjas!

First Ever Video Game Test Prep!

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Flash Cards Gamified!

Created for the visual and freestyle learner, Scrub Ninjas® video game app was designed to improve a student’s ability to improve retention rates with repetition as a complementary study companion.

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