How To Create Black Friday & Cyber Monday Promotions On The Fly

Yes, digital marketers! it’s that time of year!

And it can be a frantic and stressful time for all, especially small business owners.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, are around the corner, new promotions to get out, and savings to be made.

Please don’t stress, you’ve got this! I can help you eliminate some of the frustrations around design and development with these simple to use tools.

Firstly, these following tips and tutorials will support you if:

You are an entrepreneur, startup, or small business, and may not have the funds to hire an advertising agency, or designer.

Or you just want to be in the creative directors seat for your offerings and visual storytelling.

It’s that simple. So if you are ready to take your designs mobile, let’s move on!

Here are my top ‘design on the fly’ tools to quickly develop your Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals!

#1 Adobe Creative Cloud (A MUST HAVE)

I would not be able to run my edtech company without Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe is the infamous founder of Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere to name a few. A creative suite that allows you to flow between graphic design, web design, illustration and production. 

With the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you get over 25 design and authoring apps for your desktop as well as for your mobile devices.  

For creating your Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotional materials, I suggest these Adobe programs/apps:

  • Adobe Spark Post
  • Adobe Spark Video

Adobe Spark (Post & Video) ios | Android
These Adobe apps are available for the desktop and your mobile devices.

With Adobe Spark you can create square videos and images for Instagram and your social media marketing, all from your phone.

You can develop effortless video stories, promotions and graphics instantly

First, visit then click on Creativity & Design, Adobe Creative Cloud Plans.

Then choose ‘What is Creative Cloud?’

From there you can choose to purchase a plan or start a 30 day trial, that also includes 10 free Adobe Stock resources.

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Adobe Conclusion:

Adobe is my go to tool for all of my instructional development and design. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Audition daily.

Although I use the desktop versions 80% of the time, i’m thrilled that I can still produce on the fly and create memorable pieces from my phone and iPad. I feel that as a designer, educator, or visual storyteller, that Adobe Creative Cloud is my lifeline.

I’m also an Adobe designer and partner, and that says something. If you want to give it a test just to create wicked Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads, then do it!!

Design Tool #2 Animoto

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Web | iOs | Android

Animoto is an amazing and easy to use drag and drop video marketing tool.

A simplified way to develop powerful ‘Square Videos’ or traditional ‘Landscape Videos’ for your Instagram and social media marketing.

Develop engaging Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotional videos and tutorials from your phone or desktop!

Animoto video creation tools

Firstly, go to and set up your account, and either choose a plan, or start a free trial


(Buy Today with 15% off)


After you have set up your account, it’s time to design!

Within the Animoto program you will have access to stock images, stock music, and video marketing templates. Animoto is an easy to use drag and drop video editor.

Choose or upload your own images, branding, and music, as well as they style of template. When you are finished creating your video you can embed it, share it to your social platforms or download it as an MP4.

Create your videos simply and beautifully with Animoto today!

Animoto Conclusion:

Animoto is a fast way for me to create my square videos. I also use Adobe Spark Video! With these two programs you will be able to develop your own promotional videos, tutorials, or slideshow in moments. The world awaits, get those specials going! 

Design Tool #3 Visme

Visme is an all in one design and digital storytelling tool. You can develop infographics, web images, presentations, documents and printables all with one tool!

Create a full visual story using Visme today. Start a free trial and start creating your epic promotions!


Visme Conclusion:

Visme is a program I use often to develop infographics, presentations and custom designs. A program that allows you to develop every piece of visual marketing needed to thrive online and in print. For as low as $22 a month, you can be your own creative director, or designer, and make your mark matter on your terms. Try it today!

I’m a designer through and through. Although I develop most of my productions from scratch, I do use drag and drop applications like the programs I mentioned above. This is part of my Design On The Fly series in my design school, where I teach non-designers how to design like pros.  The above design programs will put you back in control of your visual storytelling. Adobe, Animoto and Visme will help you  make your mark matter through every aspect of your branding and promotional needs!


Disclosure: Some of the links I have provided are partner and affiliate links. I may receive a small commission when you click my link and make a purchase (at no additional cost to you!) Thank you in advance. I share these affiliates and partner programs because I believe in the product and use them for my business. -Raven Meyers, Heart + S.T.E.A.M. EDU